Learning & development

Learning & development

Capability building & Continuous Learning

At Adani, people capability building programmes are defined and specifically-designed to realise the Group’s vision of growth and development . These programmes help our people identify and work on areas that are critical to the Group’s / Businesses competitive advantage and achieving growth plan.

People processes such as performance development & review system, assessment & development centre’s, 360° feedback systems, talent management, competency framework, talent matrix, center for entrepreneurship leadership, business and emerging leadership programme and many other education and training programmes groom our people to become competent leaders and global managers.

Capability building programmes at different stages of an employee's career are planned by putting in place processes of succession planning, individual growth & development plans etc.

The Adani Management Development Centre (AMDC) is the platform on which leadership building programmes for our executives across the Group are conducted. The overall philosophy of these programmes is founded on the belief that the grooming of business and emerging leaders requires a multi-pronged approach involving conceptual and reflective learning, a deep insight into one's own beliefs, values and attitudes, action learning and internalisation for better effectiveness as individuals and leaders.

To build and enhance knowledge, professional & educational qualifications, Group has collaborated with premier management and engineering institutes to impart management/technical courses to its employees.

Behavioural Training

Write up for Adani Power Business Behavioural Learning and Development initiatives


Our people are our competitive advantage. Our employees create extraordinary results for our customers and stakeholders on a continuous basis. We have developed best in class people management systems and processes that help us make and meet aggressive commitments consistently. Acquiring right talent, providing them motivating work environment, empowering employees to decide and act, encourage risk taking, providing learning and growth opportunities at every stage, developing future leaders and a strong team culture are some of the key features of these people systems and processes that enables the business to consistently achieve our goals.
Effective Learning and Development at Adani Power ensures right people with right skills at the right time, who are aligned with our organisational Vision and Values and deliver on organisational commitments.  To achieve business objectives efficiently and effectively, Adani Power has established continuous learning processes for its employees.

Learning and Development initiatives are aligned with our organisational Values. Both formal and informal Learning and Development programs ensure that our employees have access to a range of professional development opportunities. Formal Cognitive & Behavioural training as well as Technical & functional skills for fresher and lateral recruits are administered through our Learning and Development programs. On-the- job, classroom as well as off- site training and development methods are used as appropriate.

Training and developing of human resource plays an important role in the effective management of a skilled   workforce.  At Adani Power we ensure that employees have ample opportunity to update their Knowledge, Skills and Attitude.
The Learning and Development framework at Adani Power is as follows –

1.    Align learning with the business
2.    Integrate learning with HR and other business processes
3.    Create a learning culture
4.    Provide appropriate learning options
5.    Manage learning effectively
6.    Support application of skills in the workplace
7.    Evaluate Learning and Development

Learning and Development (L&D) activities are administered as appropriate across all our people processes, such as:

1.    Role based cognitive and behavioural competencies are mapped in order to find the right fit for a job
2.    New employee on-boarding programs are aligned with organisational L&D strategies.
3.    Our L&D initiatives partner the employee development process to address performance gaps and training needs.
4.    As our organisation grows a succession planning process guarantees that we have employees on hand ready and waiting to fill new and critical roles. Our succession planning process aims to recruit talented employees, develop their knowledge, skill, and abilities and promote them to ever challenging roles. Our L&D initiatives are continuously evolving to understand and address the development needs of our employees and equip them with the right competencies for their successful career progression.

We are committed to developing our people and offer a wide range of opportunities to build on their existing technical, managerial and leadership skills. A continuous process of training and evaluation of training effectiveness is followed across all our people processes and throughout the talent management processes of the employee lifecycle. Our L&D program feedback & review mechanisms provide structured information required to understand the needs of our employees and take necessary actions and course corrections.


Technical training programs

Technical training programs

Adani Power Training and Research Institute (APTRI)  was launched to provide intensive training to functions like Projects, Generation, Transmission, Distribution,  Business Development, Techno-commercial, Finance, Human Resource and other services.

The Institute has established industry tie ups with several reputed training providers to train employees on power generation, transmission and other related areas. With the collaboration of all departments, site heads and the senior management team, an internal group of experts were identified.

This Center of Excellence and knowledge network is built on the deep, rich and diverse experience of senior experts from top national and international organizations. The Institute has developed a strong network and interface with academia and training & research institutions.

To take the Institute to the next level, Central Electricity Authority accreditation (CEA) is in process. APTRI is a permanent member of Indian Society for Training and Development (ISTD) and actively associated with activities and events at International Association for Continuous Education and Training (IACET), Institution of Electrical and Electronic Engineering (IEEE) and Society for HR Management (SHRM) and Conference Internationale des Grandes Reseaux Electriques France (CIGRE).