Engineering: Providing value to Business

Adani Infra has a strong engineering team having vast experience in all aspects of thermal and solar power projects from concept to commissioning. Specialist engineers at Adani Infra have conceptualized and commissioned India’s first super-critical unit of 660 MW. As on date, they have engineered 4 units of 330MW and 12 units of 660 MW. Adani Infra is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and tools in engineering & design work.

Adani Infra is in advance stage of deploying additional tools for Slope Stability Analysis, Geo Tech, PDS, 3D review and ETAP. Key strength areas of engineering include thermal power plants, solar power plants, front end engineering for new business ventures, equipment sizing, material handling and water system including water retaining structures. Special structure and works capability of Adani Infra include chimney, intake well, site levelling & grading, roads & drains, township and engineering using Chinese structural steel sections.

Creativity is a motivational force for Adani Infraengineers. At Adani Infra, it is used as ainnovation tool to bring out the best of ideas, brainstorm within teams, study in details through case studies and evolve a concept for improvising the existing systems / principles for implementation, which have the potential benefits either in terms of cost, operation and execution. The output, coined as, “Value Engineering” is a continuous process within Adani Infra as Engineering Group.

Subcritical, Supercritical, Solar& CFBC Thermal Power Projects

  • Prefeasibility study & analysis
  • Detail project report
  • Proposal engineering review (pre order stage)
  • Basic engineering & designs basis reports
  • Detail engineering
  • Engineering management
  • Owner engineering review
  • Value engineering & optimization
  • Air cooled condensers
  • Field engineering services
  • Site technical support
  • Retrofitting for operational projects
  • Technical-Economical evaluation
  • P & ID, Hook-up drawings, Logic diagram,
  • Control system architectures with DCS & PLC System.

Techno Commercial: Laying the Foundation

In line with the Adani Group Vision, this function aims to engage world-class technologies and processes at par with global business houses. At Adani Infra, the aims are to develop integrated processes leading to transparent working culture and to enhance automation to increase scalability, speed & quality of transactions. Techno Commercial function ensures having interactions with external stakeholders in a transparent and automated way to become one of the most admired business partners.

Sourcing & Procurement function has been strategically structured into ‘Techno Commercial’ function in order to bring in effectiveness & efficiency in the system and its processes. As a philosophy, the Techno Commercial team has been developed with a pool of talented engineers with strong commercial acumen to institutionalize ‘Value Engineering Concept’ and state-of-the-art technologies and practices to source strategically.

This ISO certified function performs sourcing & procurement along with project budgeting, estimation, site store management and customs & logistics services to have better control of project budget & schedule. Emphasis has been laid on early involvement in the project life cycle to drive a greater strategic value.

Major procurement activities in the company are performed from a centralised location at Ahmedabad, with its extension offices at different project locations to take care of local commercial issues and meeting the site needs. It provides a large pool of specialized contractors/sub-contractors in various business segments through Online Vendor Portal and their performance has been evaluated on defined time intervals thru online performance evaluation tools for their advancement. An excellent professional relationship with major equipment suppliers in India and overseas ensures the shortest possible delivery for critical components.

It fulfils the resource requirement of plant & machinery along with manpower for various projects and helps in identifying and mobilizing the reliable resources for the right job to facilitate timely completion of the projects with optimum cost.

Project Management & Control: Driving the Business

Managing projects is an application of knowledge, skill and techniques to execute projects effectively and efficiently. It is a strategic competency for Adani Infra, enabling us to tie & align project results to business goals.

Adani Infra has well established Project Management capabilities for EPC assignments, right from concept to commissioning of power projects.

Adani Infra leverages on the world class project management skill and extensive experience of project management professionals. Project Management & Control Group has a team of committed professionals which synergizes efforts of internal as well as the external stakeholder to fulfil the expectations of all project participants.

With the skill & commitment of the Group, Adani Infra has successfully executed thermal project of large capacity at Mundra, Tiroda & Kawai locations in addition to the largest Solar Photovoltaic Thin-film Power Plant of 40MWp capacity at Bitta in Gujarat. With the commissioning of on-going projects at Tiroda and Kawai, Adani Power shall achieve the generation capacity of 9280 MW by end of the calendar year 2013. The project Management & Control function commits to follow the world class practices and systems to honor the project's scope, safety, quality & schedule.

Subcritical, Supercritica, Solar & CFBC Thermal Power Projects

  • Integrated planning & monitoring
  • Interface Management
  • Cost Management
  • Post Award Contract Administration
  • Risk Management
  • Integrated project reporting
  • Integrated Change Management

Commissioning: Bringing to Life

Adani Infra has developed strong in-house capabilities in the field of commissioning for thermal power projects, solar power projects and transmission projects. The commissioning team comprises individuals having extensive experience in power projects, power operations and transmission projects.

Adani Infra has successfully commissioned Mundra Power Plant consisting of 4 units of 330MW and 5 units of 660 MW. 660 MW units at Mundra are supplied by Chinese manufacturers and are based on super-critical technology. 5th unit of Mundra (660MW) was the first super-critical unit to be commissioned in India. Adani Infra has also commissioned 40 MW solar power project at Bitta – Naliya location. In addition to it, Adani Infra has already commissioned 3 x 660 MW units at Tiroda location, 1 x 660 MW unit at Kawai location and commissioning of 3 x 660 MW units is under progress at Tiroda and Kawai locations.

With its commitment to provide world class services in all its endeavours, the commissioning team believes in delivering value within schedule and with quality.